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Our Products Adhere To
The Highest Standards

Quality Begins With Selecting
The Best Raw Materials

To assure the highest purity and standardized quality control, CR World only uses hemp produced by growers that are well-known and carefully monitored by CR World.

This is how we ensure the source of our products is high in CBD and low in THC.

By using products that are manufactured in the USA, you can have the peace of mind that you are consuming products with the right level of purity to fit your demands.

Raw Materials

CR Balance: Pure Source Materials

Your satisfaction begins with knowing that we use only the highest quality source materials in all of our products.

  • Whole-plant infusion: Instead of using hemp isolates, we ensure the whole plant is used, which takes advantage of all the wonderful compounds of the hemp plant, producing a synergy of effects known as the entourage effect.
  • Coconut Oil: Organically non-GMO grown and sourced. It is unrefined, unbleached, hexane-free, and gluten-free. We never use MCT oil as a valid substitute for coconut oil.
  • Hemp Oil: Our non-GMO hemp oil has a very high concentration of CBD (+80%) and a significantly low concentration of THC (0.3% or below). Our hemp oil is free from hexane, GMOs, BPAs, trans fats, dairy, lactose, and sweeteners.
  • Lipid extraction: We use sustainable, full spectrum extraction methods to slowly extract the CBD and the other cannabinoids without the use of solvents or chemicals. We adhere to pharmaceutical-level protocols for pure plant essentials at every stage of the seed-to-oil process.
CR Relief topical spray with a variety of benefits.
CR Balance your daily diet with the balance you need.
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