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A Compensation Plan That Makes Sense For
You While Helping Others

How Does Our Compensation Plan Work?

CR World has chosen a platform known as “social selling” as its main marketing channel. Through social selling, CR World Advocates share with others in their interpersonal settings the incredible health benefits they have experienced through our products.

We believe that inspiring new consumers by introducing them to the scientific discoveries that CR World represents is the foundation of your success.

Social selling allows you to begin a home-based business with very little startup capital, and invite others to be part of your own Advocate team to increase your earnings.

Our compensation plan was designed for two purposes:

  • 1 It clearly explains how you, as an Advocate, can earn commissions based on your sales performance.
  • 2 It serves as a guide by helping you set real and achievable goals towards building your business.

Compensation Plan

Download Details On Our Compensation Plan

Click here to download our brochure on CR World’s Compensation Plan.

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